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Travelling to any part of world requires planning of time, stay, budget etc. In order to bring ease to people who are granted with zeal for tourism. Star Holidays provides everything about flights, from searching the Cheap Tickets to Pakistan till Travel as allows you to check all available flights to Pakistan at your single click to plan your journey properly. We provide cheap tickets to Islamabad from destinations including Manchester, London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh.Pakistan is enrich in natural beauty, take for example its capital Islamabad, which is located at the foot of Margala hills and provides nature in its true rich form. We offer cheapest ticket for direct one way or return flights from London to Islamabad. If you are travelling from Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh or Birmingham then we are at your service to provide you with the cheapest rates of flights available today. You can also check all available flights and their exact timing at our website which make you only a few clicks away from exploring the modernization covered all around by enriched green natural beauty of Margala hills. Benazir International airport is third largest airport in Pakistan serving Islamabad and its twin city, Rawalpindi. It is located about six miles south east of Rawalpindi. So if you decide to travel with us in cheapest prices and deals available then you have earned to enjoy a modernized lifestyle of Islamabad as well as everyday common and simple life in Rawalpindi where you can also found small markets and local bazaars.We provide you with all available flights to Islamabad, the world's second most beautiful capital. Either you are planning your holidays or you are up to a business travel, we are always here to help you out in travelling from Manchester, London, Glasgow or Edinburgh to Lahore in most economical rates because we have one mission, yours.

If you are a tourist and exploring the ancient places and remains then again you are at the right place as we provide cheap tickets to Peshawar which was named as "crown jewel" by Bactria and is famous for ancient version of its culture presenting Muhabbat Khan mosque, Chowk Yaadgaar and Qissa Khwaani Bazaar. PIA is offering cheapest tickets to Peshawar and cheapest tickets to Karachi where along with modernization you can also have ancient touch as places like Chowkandi graveyard which has about hundred-year old tombs. With the deals for tourism and cheap tickets to Pakistan you are going to like us as PIA is really moving its tail for you. We try to bring our customer to every ease of travel by giving online dates and timings of flights and information of every available flight along with the cheapest rates of travelling. 

PIA provides direct cheap flights to Karachi from Manchester and London. So if you are deciding to visit Karachi, the largest city of Pakistan then it is your chance to book your tickets now at or call 0208 123 9900 and you will get a warm reply from us within no time. In Karachi you can find as many places of interest as you want like Safari Park, Empress Market, sea view, Manora island, Bagh ibne Qasim and festivals of art and defence exhibitions. We try to make you at home with every tiny detail of the place you are going to visit because we believe that a traveler sees what he sees but a tourist sees what he has come to see.

We offer you direct cheap flights from London, the world's most beautiful capital to Islamabad, the world's second most beautiful capital to enjoy the serenity of nature in cheapest rates because money is a terrible thing to waste.

We Provide our customers with the opportunity to reveal the hidden treasures in Pakistan which are yet untold like the city of Sialkot can be a center of attraction for businessmen as it excels in making sports goods and footballs used in FIFA worldcup 2014 were made in Sialkot which shows the high quality sport goods manufactured in Sialkot. We provide cheapest tickets to Sialkot for you to have a business deal there or even if you are a tourist we can arrange best deals of cheapest tickets to Sialkot where you can find places of tourist attraction like Iqbal manzil, Holy Trinity Cathedral Church and clock Tower Sialkot. Adventure is worth itself and it is more attractive when provided with handsome deals and cheapest tickets to your dream places. 
If unauthentic advertisement has exhausted you in searching for cheap flights then you are just a few clicks away from the solution.  provides its customers with cheapest tickets to every corner of Pakistan including Multan. Multan has always been an attraction for tourist. It is known as city of Sufia (saints) and Madina tul Auliya. It has many historical places including old mosques, monuments, shrine and ornate tombs etc. We offer cheapest tickets to Multan international airport at any time suitable for you. Satisfy your thirst for tourism in most economical rates and make your journey a memorable one with us because usually people don’t take trips…….trips take people. Travelling to Pakistan is not a matter of having a large amount in your pocket but with us you can enjoy all these treasures of ancient architecture and skillful work of citizen in cheapest rates available. What you need to do is to contact us on our given address or numbers or book your tickets online and travel like Gandhi, with simple clothes, open eyes and uncluttered mind. 

It is on your priority to enjoy your trip according to your ease and you will love travelling these cities more than your home. We provide cheapest flights to and within Pakistan. With such deals you can enjoy travelling more than one city in much lesser amount in order to quench your thirst for travel and tourism because a good journey has no good plans and a good traveler continues on exploring the world. So here we are providing such frequent flier with cheapest rates to travel within Pakistan. We also provide cheapest flights from Islamabad and Lahore to Glasgow, Manchester, London and Edinburgh.