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Cheap PIA Tickets to Islamabad

Book your cheap flights to Islamabad from London with Pakistan International Airlines and feel the convenience of direct flights to Islamabad.

Top 5 Things To Do in Islamabad:

Discover the newly built and uniquely designed Pakistan Monument Museum learning about the rich history of Islamabad Wander the walled alleyways of the ancient Saidpur village for a glimpse of traditional Mughal life Spend the day letting the monkeys show you around the Rose and Jasmine Garden Visit the informative and eclectic collection of the Islamabad Museum.

Take your little ones to the Islamabad Zoo and Japanese Park right next store Plan Your Islamabad Holiday Becoming immersed in the deep and meaningful culture of Islamabad will not take very much time at all.

From the plethora of sights and sounds in all of the open air markets to the preserved exhibits in the many unique and charming museums Islamabad embraces its stoic past and so will the traveler visiting this beautiful city.

The eclectic mix of Mughal, Arabic and Turkish cultures collide to dominate the city’s skyline. The Rohtas Gallery and the Lahore Art Gallery provide a glimpse into the artistic history of this area as well.

The peak tourist season in Islamabad runs from October to April so if you plan on going during this time frame we strongly suggest booking your cheap tickets to Islamabad as early as possible. To find cheap flights to Islamabad, we recommend you to call 0208 123 9900 and give your preferred travelling dates to our specially trained staff and leave the rest on us. 

Our booking experts love to search and find Cheap Flights to Islamabad for you as we know what is the best time to travel and buy Cheap Tickets to Islamabad from London, Manchester and Birmingham.

As time has changed and Pakistanis living in UK now have much more options for UK to Pakistan flights, specially Middle East Airlines are touching down every major airport in UK & Pakistan. PIA is only one airline who operates direct flights to Pakistan from UK but there are many airlines who operates from UK to Pakistan flights.

Direct Flights to Pakistan from UK:
Till 2008, PIA & British Airways were only two airlines who were operating direct UK to Pakistan flights but in end of 2008 British Airways announced to stop his London to Islamabad flight operation. After that PIA became only one airline who operates direct flights to Pakistan from London, Manchester and Birmingham. Now PIA is offering direct flight to Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi only but in last few years PIA also started direct flights from Luton and Glasgow to Pakistan also which were stopped later.

​If you are looking for Cheap Flights to Pakistan from UK, then you are at right place. Just book here or call 0208 123 9900 for best offers for flights to Pakistan.