Travel to Lahore, Pakistan

Travel to Lahore, Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Its beauty can be found in the combination of its people, tradition, culture and places. For the common traveller who is visiting Pakistan to tour the country, a beautiful place to start is in Lahore.

Lahore is the capital of the Punjab province; it is said to be the country’s cultural capital and the birthplace of Pakistan’s Islamic identity. The residents of Lahore, have been dubbed the “people whose hearts are alive”. The city is a colorful place and has the allure of food, architecture and beautiful trinkets.

Some interesting things to know about and experience in Lahore are:

  • Lahore city gardens – parks are the few places left for the poor and middle class and are the last open spaces where they can freely relax. That is considering that there are many gated residences which have their own gardens but are privately owned. Some beautiful parks to enjoy the refreshing ambiance are the Mughal-era Shalimar Gardens, Bagh-e-Jinnah and its botanical gardens, the Racecourse Park which hosts an annual horse and cattle show and the grounds of the city zoo. These parks have beautiful features especially pools of water, well-manicured gardens and bushes. Be sure to visit these during the week as they will be packed on a Sunday.
  • Food lovers’ paradise – Lahore is said to be the food capital of Pakistan. The city offers a variety of traditional dishes inspired by Mughal kitchens and influenced by the ethnic Punjabi. One can enjoy a milk dessert of firni, naan with pakoras, fried vegetables in a flour batter to siri paye a trotter dish. To show indeed Lahore is the food capital of Pakistan the city is known to be the cheapest in the country in respect of pricing on food.
  • Visit mosques – Lahore prides itself of having beautiful architecture mosques. Some mosques date back to the sixteenth century and have the beauty they once resonated then. A common feature these days is wedding couples taking photographs in front of these beautiful centres of worship. Some mosques to be sure to visit when in Lahore are: Badshahi, Wazir Akbar Khan and Shahi Hammam mosques which are from the Mughal era. You can ask your guide to show you the minarets found in some of these mosques and be blown away by the intricate details to their design.
  • Lions and tigers – lions and tigers serve as an electoral symbol for the ruling party and if you visit Lahore during the election season do not be surprised at the numerous posters and banners of lions and tigers. During this time you may come face to face with real lions and tigers in cages and men dressed up in furry suits showing their allegiance to the ruling party.

Lahore residents are famous for their love for life and their free spirits. Locals are known for their spontaneity and they can at any time burst into ballads and dance. One television presenter left his role and began dancing in the rain with the locals.  To get to Lahore find cheap direct flights to Pakistan.