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Tips on Getting Good Plane Seats

Tips on Getting Good Plane Seats

Exit rows, aisle or window seats, seats close to the front of the plane are generally said to be the best; for newer fliers a seat near the wing is said to keep the turbulence at bay and a window seat is said to be the best for the long haul flights that will need you to take a nap. In order for you to get the best seat on the plane there are things you will need to know and do. Also considering the time a passenger can spend flying there is need to be comfortable and sitting in a comfortable position, for example a flight from London to Lahore PIA is almost eight hours long; therefore, requiring comfort.

Some aspects to getting a good plane seat are:

  • Joining a frequent flier program – such a program allows you to have access to a frequent flier number which can be used when booking a flight and establishing a seat pattern for you and reserving such a seat. This only works if you are a frequent flier and if you are a loyal, high ranking member.
  • Buy tickets early – it has been said that the best way to get cheap flights and good seating is to make your booking several weeks in advance. This allows for you to pick your desired seat before the congestion of many other bookers. However, if this is not possible you can make your booking as soon as possible before the flight to try and pick a good seat.
  • Consider getting a better seat – some airlines offer economy class seats with extra legroom at an additional fee. Such an opportunity allows the passenger to have a few extra inches of legroom in front of them.
  • Select your seat when you book – the majority of booking websites and airline sites allow you to book your ticket and the seats at the same time. And in most cases this is a free service.
  • Confirm your seat during check in – most airlines allow for check in twenty four hours (24hrs) before the flight at this time confirm your seat and get to choose a better one if one is available. Sometimes seats are freed by cancellations or upgrades from one class to the next, be sure to keep an eye out for that.
  • If unsure just ask – this applies when you get to the gate ask if there are any seats that have opened up. The staff will be happy to assist you if there is anything available.
  • Be specific – when dealing with agents it is important to be specific as to what seat you want, if need be go to the plane map on seats and decide which seat to pick. This allows the agent to know exactly which seat you want instead of saying a “good seat”. Try asking for seat 6A instead.

Keep the agent informed – if you have or suffer from a medical condition or disability then inform the agent and he or she will keep this in mind.