PIA flights to Lahore; Book your flight now!!

PIA flights to Lahore; Book your flight now!!

Pakistan International Airlines is the national flag carrier of Pakistan. It is based out of Karachi and has its secondary hubs in Lahore and Islamabad.

The airlines was founded in the year 1946 and nationalized in the year 1955 and renamed as Pakistan International airline.

It is Pakistan’s largest airline owing to its fleet of over 40 aircrafts. It is government owned and hence operate at subsidized prices when compared with other airlines.

If you are looking to book cheap PIA tickets to Lahore (http://starholidays.co.uk/cheap-flights-to-islamabad-pia-from-manchester), you won’t have to look far as there are many websites which sell PIA tickets at a discounted price. These websites have been authorized by the airlines to act on their behalf and generate lots of traffic and sales daily. PIA is an international airline and have many flights to all major cities of the world. 

Spot-booking with these airlines might be a bit steep as these airlines are usually packed or over-booked, hence booking your tickets in advance might be the key to avail of discounts, as offered by the airlines.

The UK has a sizeable Pakistani population comprising of about 3.8% of its population. PIA is offering cheap tickets from Manchester to Islamabad, and Islamabad to Lahore on different days of the week. Now, if you have a special family gathering, or a business meeting that you have to attend, PIA provides an easy solution and cheap services, to fulfil these demands.

Lahore is well known as a tourist hub, and it is an enriching experience to visit the city. Its ancient cultural background places it at par with almost all other cities in the world. The origins of Lahore are mostly a mystery to many, and can be experienced first-hand by visiting the city. Although there are many tourists travelling to Lahore, many do not know where to begin. Thus, it is useful to hire a well-informed guide to help show you around the city.

Along with tickets to Pakistan, you may also want to check and book your accommodation within Pakistan. Many websites offer travel packages to tourists which include hotel accommodation, along with provision of transportation. These packages include almost everything, your accommodation, your flight tickets, various organised safaris and travel within the city, sight-seeing. Pakistan has some of the best forts and Mahals/Palaces and many famous mosques which sight-seers can especially enjoy. The famous Khyber Valley in Balochistan will leave you spell bound.

If you are having trouble with deciding which package to opt for, you could always ask the websites for help. Most websites have a 24/7 customer service to help and guide you through the ticketing process.