Book cheap PIA flight tickets from the UK to Lahore!!

Book cheap PIA flight tickets from the UK to Lahore!!

Pakistan International Airlines or PIA is the national flag airline of Pakistan. It operates both domestic and international flights. Its roster consists of services to 22 domestic destinations and over 28 international destinations across Asia, Europe, middle East and North America.

Tourism in Pakistan is flourishing with nearly half a million tourists visiting Pakistan each year. Some of the favourite attractions in Pakistan include the ruins of the Indus Valley civilization which include Harappa, and Mohenjo-Daro ruins. There are other monuments which are popular all over the world and are classic examples of ancient architectural styles prevalent in the Mughal era.

Pakistan also has several Himalayan hill stations and several prominent peaks which can be sighted from the hill stations. Many of these peaks are over 7000 meters in height and are awe-inspiring and a sight to behold. Many tourists visit Pakistan to catch a glimpse of these majestic peaks or for a much-needed vacation to one of the many hill stations.

If you are looking for PIA cheap tickets to Lahore, you won’t have to look far as there are several PIA flights operating from the UK to Pakistan. Until 2008 there were two major airlines operating flights to Pakistan namely the British Airways and PIA. However, British Airways discontinued its service starting 2008 and PIA became the only airline operating flights from the UK to Pakistan.

PIA operates direct flights from London to Lahore, with a total flight time of 8 hours. This is convenient for the passengers as they do not have to make alternate arrangements of stay or spend endless hours at the airport waiting for this connecting flight. However, this is not the only reason to select direct flights. Tickets for these flights can be bought cheap and at discounted prices from online travel websites.

Passengers are advised to purchase flight tickets way in advance to avoid any unnecessary last minute rush. Also, if tickets are bought in advance, passengers have the option to avail of early bird discounts on offer by the airlines.

Different services offered by PIA to its passengers are as follows:

  1. Cabin services: Passengers have choices between business, economy plus and economy seats. Business class seats offer ample leg space and state-of-the-art home entertainment systems, and during flights like the direct flight from London to Lahore, passengers can be tempted to purchase business class seats as the flight duration exceed 8 hours and passengers would like to travel in comfort for this duration.
  2. Catering: PIA has its own catering service which churns our nearly 15000 meals each day for its flights.
  3. Baggage allowance: PIA officials understand that passengers travelling to international destinations might have extra baggage, especially families travelling to Pakistan, and hence allow a favourable 40 Kg baggage allowance to its passengers along with a 7 Kg hand-bag allowance.

Along with tourists travelling to Pakistan, there are many families travelling to Pakistan, especially during the holiday season and they make up a sizeable portion of traffic to Pakistan. The UK has a sizeable Pakistani population which frequently travel to their home country during the festive season.