7 Interesting Facts You need to Know Before Visiting Islamabad

7 Interesting Facts You need to Know Before Visiting Islamabad

If you’re planning to visit Islamabad for your next vacation, the given list of recommended NOs in the city will be undoubtedly helpful in making your experience a much smoother one:

No Malls:

It might seem unbelievable; but, is true that before Centaurus, there wasn’t any shopping mall in Islamabad. Although, there were supermarkets, a mall infrastructure was still missing from the city. This might be one of the reasons that the Centaurus Mall instantly became one of the most favourite shopping destinations in Islamabad.

No Railway Stations:

The nearest railway station to Islamabad is of Rawalpindi as the city doesn’t have its own railway station, apart from one at Golra Sharif. This small station does see a lot of to-be-married couples posing for their wedding shoots and random students. One can also explore the city’s beautiful railway museum. Thankfully, you’ve already booked cheap flights from London to Islamabad, so you won’t have to worry about railway tickets!

No Dry Nights:

Indubitably, you will get beautiful days to experience almost every day of the year; however, Islamabad’s rainy days are to die for. The wet roads and beautiful scenery of the Margalla Hills make it like no other place. The good thing is, it rains almost every other night in the city.

Not-so-Late Night Life:

Most of the people in Islamabad follow a 9am-6pm lifestyle and hence doesn’t have any time left for late night activities. Hence, if you are night-life lover, you might need to reschedule your plans before visiting the city. However, you can always visit Rawalpindi to enjoy late-night dinners to savour different lip-smacking delicacies with your family and friends.

No Cinema Halls:

You will be surprised to know that Islamabad didn’t have any cinema halls since 2001 till 2015. The only two cinema halls in the city before 2001 were closed due to government negligence and public protest, respectively. However, you can find a private cinema running in the Centauras Mall now.

No Cricket Stadiums:

There is no denying the fact that cricket is one of the most popular games in Pakistan. But despite hosting the biggest sports complex in Pakistan, Islamabad doesn’t have any international cricket stadiums.  Once again, one can rely on Rawalpindi - the twin city of Islamabad - to host one of the best cricket stadiums in the world.

No Traffic Jams:

Last but definitely not the least, being stuck in traffic is an excuse that will never work in your favour, while you are in Islamabad. It only happens once in a while that the city has a traffic jam.

So, don’t delay any-more and get your tickets booked for cheap flights from London to Islamabad and be ready to enjoy a lifetime experience with one of the oldest cultures alive.