Booking Policies

Hotel Location / Area:
Check-in Time: Normal Check-in time 14:00
Check-out Time: Normal Check-out time 12:00
Cancellation & Change Policy: High Season : 16 days prior to arrival or no show , 50% of full length of stay will be charged Low Season : 05 days -- No Show, 50% of full length of stay will be charged Early Departure : Full stay will be charged
Child % Extra Bed Policy: Children below the age of 5.99 years are accommodated free on the same board basis as adults. Children ages between 6-11.99 years sharing with parents with above supplement per child Children aged between 6-11.99 years (inclusive) are accommodated free however breakfast will automatically be charged at US$16/- per night. One adult sharing a room with one or two children aged up to 11.99 years (inclusive) will pay the applicable single room rate. Child meal supplement as per the above
General Facilities & Services:
Parking: Free private parking is available.
Pets: Pets are not allowed.
Other Conditions & Information: