Booking Policies

Hotel Location / Area: Deira Dubai
Check-in Time: Normal Check-in time 14:00
Check-out Time: Normal Check-out time 12:00
Cancellation & Change Policy: All Season : 04 days prior to the arrival or no show 01 night will be charged Changing of names anytime after the booking was confirmed will not be honored
Child % Extra Bed Policy: One child of 12 years and below is free of charge to share accommodation in the existing bed. Children age 1 - 5 years, will have free meal for breakfast and lunch Children age 6 years and above will be charge 100% on meal supplements.
General Facilities & Services:
Internet: Free of charge WiFi is available in all areas.
Parking: Free private parking is available.
Pets: Pets are not allowed.
Other Conditions & Information: